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Probably a reference to the birth of a child to Enrico Caruso (1873-1921), an Italian opera singer. Despite the limited vehicles for spreading singers' fame during this era, Caruso was internationally popular; he made almost 300 recordings between 1902 and 1920 and also appeared in newsreels, an experimental film by Thomas Edison, and motion pictures.

The headline acknowledges Caruso's fame in an era when entertainers' lives were more private than today. Caruso had several children: four with lover and vocal coach Ada Giachetti (including singer/actor Enrico Caruso, Jr. in 1904) and one daughter with wife Dorothy Park Benjamin in 1919.

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1. A postcard image of Caruso from around 1910.
2. Link to a recoding of Caruso singing "La Donna E Mobile" from Rigoletto sometime around 1908. (Click on link under "Files" to the right to access.)


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1. "CarusoPostcard", ca. 1910. Via Wikimedia Commons.
2. "La Donna E Mobile Rigoletto", recording of Enrico Caruso singing "La Donna E Mobile" from Verdi's Rigoletto ca. 1908. Via Wikimedia Commons.

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